quinta-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2011

O que as estrelas partilham no Twitter : Jessica Alba

"End of Day #2 4 press! Bye JW MARRIOT and all the cast 4 -C u tomorrow :)"

": Word: annoying. Definition: this person. don't make me snap my fingers"

"Downtown LA doing press on "

Jessica Alba: "W heading to NYC 4 "

"Just posted a photo"

"Thank you Kevin for making our trip to Disneyland so incredibly amazing 4 my family!"

"Now that's a happy princess"

"Super grateful n thankful for all my Tweeples!!! "

"heading to Armani Hotel opening in Milan w ! "

"I got this Wendy Nichols backpack today! What do ya think?"


"Celebrating w "

"Yu & Mi yum"

"Making Honor's "bubble guppies" Halloween costume - -- Sent from Android Color Touch"

"Happy Birthday President Clinton -love n "

"W George and last night -gd times"

Jessica Alba: "Can u believe this! "

Leaving for Alma's. Thank u n Fiona Stiles 4 the gorge hair n makeup!

"OMG! I won an award!!!"

"Guess what show I was on when I posted my very first tweet? "

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